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Superior Epoxy Coatings is scheduling interviews now for Field Technicians in Martinez Ca. This is a full-time Mon-Fri position.

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The compensation will start at $18-$23/hour based on work experience, with tremendous potential for increased pay. Other aspects of the compensation package include:

  • Performance bonuses  Paid time off after a brief onboarding period Paid holidays

There will be many applicants, but only a select few will receive an interview request. To find out how to be in this small group of finalists, read the below, in its entirety.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to work with a team that appreciates you? How awesome would it be to work alongside a team made up exclusively of top performers? What if you worked with a company that listened to you? What if your boss showed you respect and appreciation every day? And what if that job gave you the freedom and opportunity to reach out for your personal dreams too?

Superior Epoxy Coatings is a unique company. We have a mission to provide all the above to every single person who joins our team. Our company culture is built on WOWing our customers, improving every day, and treating each other like family.

If you are a top performer who’s been overlooked, disrespected, or taken advantage of by another employer, Superior Epoxy Coatings might just be the fit you’ve been looking for.

Why will you love being a part of our team? Here are a few reasons:

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You can qualify to join our team if...

If you answer “YES” to any of the following statements, please don’t contact us:

Here is what we have to offer you:


What you'll need to be successful:

You’ll be working with a team on multiple floor installations, usually one per day. Most weekday installations are residential with some commercial and industrial installations on the weekends. Our team is passionate about what we do, and we want you to make us even better! If this sounds like you then you’ll love Superior Epoxy Coatings.

The best of our technicians will rapidly graduate to a coveted Crew Leader position. Crew Leaders consistently earn over $25/hour and have access to other awesome perks. Our Crew Leaders are just that: LEADERS. They love their jobs, they love training their technicians, and they love serving our customers. They love this company. They work very hard but get to work outside every day without someone standing over their shoulders.

If you have experience, we may be able to start you in the full position of Crew Leader. If you have limited or no experience, we will start you out as a junior technician and give you substantial pay increases as your training progresses.

Most trainees reach Senior Field Technician within 3 months. Top performers can reach Crew Leader status very quickly.

The basic requirements for this job are as follows:

If any of this sounds like a good fit for you, please listen carefully. DO NOT reply to this ad.

Call (925) 966-3506, listen to the message, and follow the instructions.

We are an equal opportunity company. We love men and women. We are an equal opportunity employer, it’s all about attitude and hustle at Superior Epoxy Coatings If you are the right person, it will not be because of your age, race, or gender. Now get off your device and call us!

Our service and coating protect your floors from getting rusty, weak, and dirty over time. From oil resistance to aesthetic and clean flooring, we offer it all.


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