Meet The Owners Brandon Cody Sr.

Meet Our Owners

Brandon is a highly motivated individual who is passionate in both personal and business life. He is a father of 1 son Brandon Jr. who is 19 years of age and who also work in the building trades. A husband to an amazing wife Hilary of 20 years.

Work experience and professional background started as a young boy, pushing a lawnmower through the neighborhood to earn money, it didn’t take long to learn I needed bags a rake, edger and a good hoe to be able to best serve my neighbors and clients. Before that I did do a lemonade stand and learned I much more enjoyed actually fixing something changing the look of something and bringing customers that instant satisfaction and joy. From there I begin working in the trades during the summertime around the age of 16 with the same company my father worked for Goetz construction in Berkeley repairing rental units that were rented to the college students. I specifically remember my father making sure that I got to work with the best of the best, exposed to different people that had different methods as long as they were grounded in the principles that would broaden my construction knowledge and safety practices. I did this for two summers and then joined the cement mason union @ 18 years of age mixing cement for journeyman bricklayers working in the refineries. From there I became a carpenter and worked my way to a journeyman learning all different aspects of construction and building throughout my career.

After a number of years in the trades and a few injuries I started a cleaning company with the upmost support of my amazing wife. As a result of that we have been able to build grow and implement a team to continue the growth of Professional Powerwashing Maintenance which many of you may already know. Thanks to having a rockstar team I am able to partner with another business owner who I’ve worked with over the years ensure the absolute best company available in the marketplace for you the customer Superior Epoxy Coatings.

Meet The Owners Felix Aguilar.

Felix Aguilar

My name is Felix Aguilar originally from Honduras, I met Elizabeth originally from Mexico in 2005 then we got married in 2007 after 7 years we decide to have kids, we have two daughters now, Amy and Stefany I love going out with my family and have a fun day, I live in the San Francisco Bay area for 24 years, I really enjoy play with my daughters this are my best moments of my live.

My professional career began at an early age specifically my cleaning career begin over 20 years ago working with different floors and having to be able to provide Cleaning Solutions for my customer. Through this process I saw and learned about different floors and there varios Coatings, notable how to repair improperly installed ones for our clients.

After taking training for various products and meeting another business partner we decided to open superior epoxy coatings and offer the best coatings and customer service to our customer

We offer different styles like:

Grind and Seal

Superior Epoxy Coatings’ grind and seal flooring are the easiest options to replace your concrete, and we can substantially improve the appearance and operation of your property.


Clients like the distinctiveness that metallic epoxy flooring provides to their homes, as well as the safety features that many other floors lack.

Standard Solids

Irrespective of layer or system chemicals utilized, our solid-color floor coatings often include additives to improve slide resistance.

Standard Flakes

An epoxy coating is one of the strongest and most lasting floor treatments available today. It not only protects your concrete slab but may also turn your dull or unsightly cement into a proficient floor of beauty and purpose.

Premium Flakes

We also have superior flakes in a variety of colors. They are a little more expensive, need special orders, and may take a few additional days to arrive, but they provide a different color selection.



Industrial Concrete Coatings

Our service and coating protect your floors from getting rusty, weak, and dirty over time. From oil resistance to aesthetic and clean flooring, we offer it all.

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