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The Benefits of Getting an Epoxy Floor for Your Home

A good step toward improving any floor within your home is to use an epoxy floor coating. Whether you are looking to refurbish your current floor or to seal a concrete surface in or around your home, an epoxy floor coating is an ideal choice to not only fortify the flooring but to give it a great look.


The epoxy is perfect for preserving concrete services and will protect your floor against harsh impacts. It does all this while presenting a spectacular glossy finish that brightens up any surface.


Whether you are looking for an epoxy garage floor, room, auto shop, or any other surface, you will find that epoxy is ideal for beautifying your home, which is why so many in the East Bay area find this to be a perfect choice.


What Is an Epoxy Floor Coating?

Before discussing the benefits of epoxy flooring, it is important to make clear exactly what constitutes an epoxy floor coating. The coating is made of an epoxide resin combined with polyamine hardener and other types of additives. This combination makes for the perfect adhesive, and this is its primary use.


What makes it so good is that the chemical reaction between these three compounds produces a high level of stability and endurance on any surface. It seals cracks and other types of blemishes you may have while curing the surface so that it makes for a firm bond that looks great. Therefore, so many love it as a flake epoxy floor.


This makes for the perfect surface, and you will find that a quality epoxy floor contractor can help you to turn a blemish or dingy floor into a spectacular-looking surface, especially in areas like the garage or a patio where many do not provide the same type of attention. There are lots of reasons to like the epoxy floor, and here are seven benefits you should consider if you are looking to refurbish or seal a floor surface.


Improves the Appearance and Covers Cracks and Defects

If you are looking to transform a space so that it looks glossy and sleek, then an epoxy floor is exactly what you are looking for. Many love the epoxy garage floor because it really shines and sparkles. Light reflects from it well, and you get a great look that turns your garage into a showcase.


For auto shops and repair shops, often a darker or dingy look is the norm. However, epoxy flooring really changes the look. Light reflects off it very well, illuminating a room. This not only gives a good appearance but will help to reduce the amount of electricity you have to spend to light your area. Light is reflected so well from the epoxy floor that you do not be as much light or lumens to bring your garage or repair shop to life.


In addition, it is quite common for a garage or repair shop floor to get cracks or nicks in it. The epoxy sealant is perfect for hiding those blemishes. Not only does it act as an impressive sealant that helps to fill those cracks and groups, but it ensures that further cracks do not occur. One would not even notice that there is an issue.


In addition, if you really want to spruce up your garage or repair shop, you can add mica or quartz to the epoxy. This provides a speckled look to the floor, making it even more attractive. Light also shines from the chips in a way that presents a glimmering look. No doubt that this gives a polished look to your floor surface, making it ideal for people living from Martinez all the way to Pittsburgh and down to Danville.


A Cost-Effective Choice

Tearing out of the floor and replacing it can be pretty costly. However, the use of epoxy is a much better option, as it not only provides you with the durable surface that you are looking for but one that looks spectacular.


If you have a concrete floor, epoxy is a simple and cost-effective way to resurface the concrete to seal and protect cracks. It looks great and will help to illuminate your concrete floor in a way you likely never imagined before. You will find that using epoxy flooring is a significant saving over resurfacing your garage with new concrete or asphalt.


While you may need to hire an epoxy floor contractor to do the job for you. You were going to find that this is still a small fraction and what you would pay for a professional installer to resurface your garage, patio, or repair shop.


Helps to Fortify Your Surface

One of the unique aspects of living in areas like San Ramon, Orinda, Lafayette, or other cities around the Bay Area is that weather conditions can wreak havoc with any type of building material. Cold winds and rains come off the ocean, making for some very cool evenings and nights. However, temperatures can reach into the 100+ range during the daytime. This can lead to a 60° temperature change in 24 hours.


In addition, the area frequently faces earthquakes. This rattles walls, causing cracks in the foundation of your home. You may find that flooring in your basement, patio, or garage has become damaged from earthquakes, even small tremors.


That kind of weather can cause a lot of problems for any well-constructed surface, but using epoxy is the perfect choice for sealing that floor from damage caused by weather and earthquakes. Plus, it does this at a fraction of the cost.


Not only does the epoxy helps to seal those blemishes and cracks, but it is the perfect mixture to withstand California conditions. This means that it can stand up to the shock of earthquakes and other forces, withstand heat and cold, and deal with large amounts of rain and even chemical spills. The coating is made to last, keeping that spectacular look.


Easy to Maintain

One of the best things about epoxy floors is that they are easy to maintain. In fact, the upkeep is quite simple. If you place the epoxy over concrete, you will find a significantly reduced amount of dust and cement particles that are released into your garage, auto shop, basement, or other room. This makes it easier to keep these rooms clean and free of dust and debris.


In addition, conditions that would cause other surfaces to crack or buckle do not become an issue with epoxy. For example, chemical spills, oils, grease, bacteria, and other contaminants that cause damage to surface like concrete are not an issue for epoxy. During winter conditions, when there are heavy rains, strong winds, and even an occasional bout of snow or ice, the epoxy is perfect for maintaining its integrity during these types of conditions.


Should you spill oil, gasoline, grease, or other similar compounds onto the surface, you simply clean this up with soapy water and a mop. Bacteria and other pathogens do not become embedded in the epoxy, making it a much more sanitary choice. Simple soap and water are all needed to clean up the floor and restore its shiny surface. You never have to worry about this and giving a dull appearance, as chemicals, oils, and other debris are simply washed away. Very little is required for you to maintain the look, and that is why it is ideal for those living in locations across the Bay Area.


Works with Your Vehicle

One of the concerns of bringing any type of chemical or sealant into an area that comes in close contact with your vehicle is the impact that that chemical will have on your car. Some surfaces act as a type of conductor during the summer, absorbing heat which can impact the treads on your tires. It can also increase the amount of heat circulating around your vehicle, which can cause fading in the paint and upholstery of your vehicle.


This is not a concern with epoxy. It provides a uniform surface to ensure that tires sit evenly on the surface of your garage. The same is true with lawn furniture, barbecues, or other items you might have out on your patio or furniture you have inside your basement. They are not the least bit impacted by the surface of the epoxy because it provides a smooth, even surface that does not adversely affect your car, furniture, or outdoor accessories.


Concrete erodes over time, primarily caused by the weight of your vehicle. Because of the tensile strength of the epoxy, this does not become an issue at all. Your car sits on an even surface, where the weight of your vehicle does not impact the performance of your garage.


This is a great way to protect your vehicle. Many other types of surfaces do not offer this type of protection. Your epoxy garage floor will do just that.



One of the reasons why you likely live in an area like Orinda, Martinez, Lafayette, or Danville is because you want an excellent environment for you and your family. California has some of the most spectacular views imaginable, and protecting the environment is a significant concern for most Californians.


One of the great benefits of using this chemical compound is that it is eco-friendly. Because only a few compounds are used to create the epoxy, very few fillers are used that impact the environment in and around your home. Not only are far fewer chemicals used to create the epoxy, but far less machinery is used to blend and create it as well. This is causing less of a strain on the environment.


You will find that the amount of epoxy needed to resurface your basement, patio, auto shop, garage, or other surface is far less than you would need with other types of sealants or materials. It rolls out evenly, and the coating stays consistent. Often with concrete and tar, debris and dust are released into the air. This is not an issue with epoxy, making it better for the environment.


Plus, epoxy flooring lasts for years. This is one of the most durable, long-lasting types of surfaces you are going to find. This means far fewer materials are needed to use in the future as well to keep your surface at its best. You are protecting the environment by using less of this compound, to begin with, and then not needing it nearly as often as you would with other types of materials, such as concrete. This saves you money and the environment at the same time.


Plus, one must consider that when you leave your vehicle sitting on surfaces like tar or asphalt, some of the chemicals in those surfaces get into the tires of your vehicle. When you drive, you release those particles everywhere you go. This contaminates the environment even worse. That is not an issue with the epoxy, as the materials stay where they were intended to say – on the surface where you applied them. No matter how long your car tires sit on the epoxy, they are not going to absorb the chemical compounds.


As you can see, this is a far better choice for surfacing your basement, garage, patio, auto repair shop, or other surfaces. Epoxy looks spectacular, and you can make it look even better by adding mica or quartz to it to add a shimmery, more exciting look. Plus, it is long-lasting, meant to handle any conditions California could throw at it, and helps to protect your vehicle and your business or home.


In an age where many are looking for a way to help save themselves money while also protecting the environment, epoxy is definitely a choice for you. This is a great way to resurface any area in or around your home or business at a cost that is far less than what you would find with other types of materials. If you are looking for the perfect epoxy floor contractor, contact us today.

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